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My Story

 Creating effortless and unique beauty.

I am always inspired by love and love stories.  Living on Maui, I see love everywhere. It is  total honey mooner island and the place to be married. Over the years living on the island I can't help but be anything but inspired by it. 

I believe the essence of physical beauty is when life and love are connected equally.


My passion for hair and love for people is what brought me into this wonderful career that I have been blessed to have for the past thirteen years. I felt called to Maui after stepping foot on the island for the first time on a vacation five years ago. Growing up multi cultural,  I have always had a love for culture and diversity. Hawaii's culture is something I respect and have grown in adoration for since living on the island. I incorporate the aloha spirit in my work in every way I can.

 I am looking forward to being a part of your special day!

For many years I used to straighten my natural curly hair as a young teen- just to fit in. Right as I started my career in hair and makeup, I stopped straightening my curls and fully came to acceptance. That acceptance is what I have based my career on and have seen it flourish and blossom.
When we love and accept what naturally is without binds or cages then it can soar.
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Creative Collabs

Design and Styling @meadows_events

Photography @calvo_photography @emmawhitneyphotography

@wovenlens @angiediazphotography

Florals @meadows_events @hawaiiflorafauna

Venue @the_dreamers_loft


HMUA @raquelnorikocurls

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